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  • Polled Place Tag Sale – 5/20-21
    • Gortnr-Acres Cherry-P-Red*PO VG-85 – 7/22/12
      Lawnray x VG-87 Jet-Red x EX-91 September Storm x EX-92 BKB Amanda
      2-01 313d 20,582 3.3F 677 3.1P 644
      3-00 149d 12,445 3.4F 418 3.3P 405 (RIP)
      Due 8/11 to Avalanche*RC
    • Lenkaitis Corporal Cali-Red*PO – 8/23/15
      Corporal P x Gortnr-Acres Cherry-P-Red
      Cali will be genomic tested before sale.

Highlights from our January 2016 Classification:

  • New Excellents:
    • Jerland Atwood Glynda-ET*RC EX-90 @5-10
    • Lenkaitis PB Firework-Red EX-90 @4-06
    • Mil-R-Mor Debnair Bella-Red*PO EX-90 @6-04
  • New Very Goods:
    • Wildweed BW Mango-Red VG-85 @2-07
    • Hilrose Acme Avery*RC VG-86 @3-08
    • Lenkaitis Legend Star-Red VG-86 @4-01
    • Lenkaitis MR B Silly*RC VG-85 @6-10
    • Lenkaitis Asteroid Dara VG-85 @5-07
  • Other Notable Cows:
    • Lenkaitis Reality Starell-Red VG-88 @5-07
    • Hilrose Larson Krystal*RC VG-87 @3-06
    • Golden-Oaks Shot Reva-ET*RC VG-87 @6-09

Highlights from our September 2015 classification:

  • Dream-Prairie Rebate-Red ET-EX-91 with EX-92 Mammary @5-06
  • Jerland SH Atwood Glynda-ET*RC-VG-89 @5-06
  • Lenkaitis Maxwell Devon-Red-VG-88 with EX-90 Mammary @4-06
  • Flower-Brook Sanchez Dixie VG-88 @4-05
  • Ms Macland Melarry Dutchy*RC-EX-90 with EX-91 Mammary @3-02, fresh 23 days with her second calf
  • AprilDay L Ringo-ET *RC-VG-85 @ 2-08 - due back in March to Olympian
  • Zahbulls SP Margarita-ET-VG-86 @2-08 - due  back in March to Olympian


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